“Kasher” Parmigiano Reggiano


This cheese is made using traditional methods and only milk from our farms. Placed in specially designed maturation rooms to age naturally for over 12 months, it is produced in the first dairy dedicated solely to Kosher Parmigiano Reggiano, in Zibello (Parma).

It is made daily under the strict control of a Jewish supervisor (known as a mashghiah), who will follow all the stages of the production process right from the beginning, when the milk is loaded onto the lorry at the farm and delivered to the dairy, and who will ensure that it comes from Kosher-certified farms and dairy cows suitable for Kosher production.

The difference lies in the use of Kosher-certified liquid calf rennet which is obtained using extraction methods that avoid contamination by any meat residues.

The only direct action by the supervisor in the cheese making process is to add the rennet to the heating vats, large tubs in which the milk is heated.


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